Roman sat at the table smiling with his drink in hand looking at the two men. Dennis was the more talkative and bubbly one of the two. Julian was very withdrawn and reserved for his physical appearance. He was a tall man of average built with a goatee, moustache, short hair, small sunken eyes and a smile that showed four crooked teeth. The cause of his crooked teeth being that he had “two extra teeth” but oddly it enough, it blended in with his look. Dennis was slightly below average in height, he was chubby with a stubble beard, big eyes, bushy eyebrows and a big smile that complimented his personality. Dennis wore a brown t-shirt with black shorts and flip flops and Julian wore a white t-shirt with blue shorts and flip flops too.

Dennis and Julian took turns to remind Roman of his perfomances the previous night. Apparently he was so drunk he went to Mens toilet and upon finding it fully occupied he proceeded to take the Janitor’s Tip jar and urinated in it. There was a little scuffle but his friends came and resolved it. Roman then went on to kiss some random lady at the bar to prove that he was a lesbian. He played a game of pool with an empty beer bottle because he said pool was art. He drank a glass of fruit juice then downed half a bottle of vodka after because he said mixing them would spoil the juices taste. He went to complain to the Manager that the screens kept playing the same advert over and over. It turns out he was staring at the cigarette machine the whole time. The best was when he tried to enter the counter where you keep your bag, jacket or coat thinking it was the VIP section.

They all laughed uncontrollably until breakfast arrived and they dug into their plates. They ate in silence except for the sound of cutlery clinking and scrapping on the plate. They ate as if it was their first meal in days, totally consumed by their food as well as totally consuming it. “Wow! That really hit the spot! Now I’m ready to start the day!”, Roman said with a big smile on his face. “We thought your day had already started and this was just a quick pitstop before you get back on track?” Dennis added on jokingly. “Practically speaking you’re very correct so on that note let’s get back into it shall we”, Roman said rubbing his hands. “Well we clearly signed up when we tested out and enjoyed the free trial last night. I guess now we just have to solidify our membership” , Julian said with a grin. “Gentlemen your membership has been approved, let’s have a drink to celebrate this new venture”, Roman said whilst standing up to call the waitor over.

The waitor came over and Roman procceeded to order, “May I please have three of your finest and biggest beers?”. “Sure, I’ll bring you a good recomendation”, the waitor replied with a big smile. “Sorry to ask, what’s your name by the way?” , Roman asked the waitor. “Oh my name is Nelson” the waitor replied. “Well this is Dennis and Julian and I am Roman, Thank you for everything so far”, Roman said whilst shaking Nelson’s hand. “Not a problem guys Thank you for making my job easier, now let me get your drinks!” Nelson replied as he hurried off excitedly. “For a guy who plays pool with a beer bottle, urinates in tip jars and chases his juice with alcohol..you’re surprisingly well mannered” Julian remarked. Roman shook his head and chuckled, “At least I didn’t forget my manners and when to apply them so that’s a good sign.”

Their drinks arrived shortly after and the men were back to drinking and chatting again. All around them were people of different ages and genders talking, laughing, drinking, eating, playing on their phones, reading newspapers or having a go at the foosball table. It was a lively and vibey environment in the diner that morning and it added on to the already good day the three men were having. They ordered shots and downed a few more beers as they laughed and chatted on. Sitting at another table one could easily assume that they had known each other for a fairly long time. In the middle of all the drinking and laughter, Roman suddenly felt his pocket vibrating. He reached into it and pulled out his phone, 📞CALVIN CALLING📞 the screen read. “Excuse me guys I just need to take this call” Roman said to Dennis and Julian as he raised the phone to his ear to pick up the call.

“Hello! Hey bro what’s up with you?” Roman said. “YOU’RE STILL ALIVE??? OH MAN! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRO! I didn’t think you’d make it through the night!” Calvin shouted out from the other line. There was loud laughter on both ends of the phone call. “I’m like Wolverine mixed with the Highlander, self healing plus you can only kill me by cutting off my head” Roman joked. There was a roar of laughter from all the men. “Well let’s put that to the test my mutant friend, so where are you now?” Calvin asked. “Right now at the diner, I had breakfast and now some drinks with Dennis and Julian from last night” Roman responded. “Oh is that those guys from last night?”. “Yes Spot on! I met them in the diner again today so we had breakfast and drinks” , Roman replied. “Cool! Why don’t you all come over to my place and then we’ll take it from there?” Calvin asked. “Ok let me just ask them quickly” Roman lowers the phone from his ear and proceeds to ask Dennis and Julian. “Do you guys want to go to my friend Calvin’s place or do you have other plans?”. “It’s your Birthday so if you want us to join you then let’s go!” They both replied. “Ok then lets do this!” Romain said as he held the phone back to his ear. “Calvin! Get the ship ready beacause we are going to sail away into the sunset!”. “Oh for sure bro! See you guys soon!” Calvin excitedly replied as he hung up the phone.

“Ok gentlemen let’s down these and take this party elsewhereRoman said as he grabbed his glass. The men downed their drinks, called the waitor over to settle their bill and left soon after. By now the sun was shining brightly outside and the temperature was very favourable with a cool breeze. People were dressed in short and loose clothing, some were topless on the way to the beach, swimming pool, park, skating skateboarding and all. The day just exuded a lot of happines and fun. As the men made their way to Calvin’s place they talked and laughed more. They arrived at Calvin’s place and buzzed him to let them in which he did and they made their way to his appartment. They knocked at the door and almost immediately it opened and Calvin peered out, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROMAN!! Let’s get this party started!”. The men hugged and greeted each other at the door before Calvin let them into his appartment. As they walked in they saw more people already there and turned to Calvin who just shrug his shoulders. “Well it’s a celebration after all so we have company..say Hello to the Birthday Boy Everyone!”…



Waking up to the sound of seagulls and waves crashing onto the rocky sandy shore, he looked up and could see the clouds forming in a distance signifying a storm. He sat up and stared straight ahead at the ocean as he watched the waves build up from the current on the seabed. The air was so cool and fresh his entire body felt like it was absorbing every molecule that blew past. He took in a few deep breaths then opened his mouth to take in more but when he closed his mouth he tasted wine. Moving his tongue around his mouth he tasted more of it, Red Wine!” he uttered to himself. “That damned juice of the grape vine”, he said whilst chuckling to himself. He sighed heavily and memories of the night before flashed back instantly. “Damn! That was a night for the notebooks”, he put his hands on his lap and watched as they both shook.

There was a brief moment of silence as he went through every scenario again in his mind. It was after the birthday song and the shots that he started to feel himself go blind. “But how did I get here? What happened to everybody and who drank my beer?”. He searched through his pockets for clues and found his phone, house keys and wallet with all his money in it. That brought him much joy and relief to know that he didn’t get caught up in funny business. There was an empty wine bottle just a few steps from where he woke up, a box of cigarettes and a lighter so he decided to smoke up. Pulling out and sparking up one he took a big drag that filled up his lungs and stung his air sac. As he exhaled he was caught of guard and almost lost his balance from a massive head rush. ” Woah! Looks like that train hasn’t left town yet, I am definitely still drunk from last night. Well it’s my birthday today so I guess everything is going quite right”.

He took a few more short drags before he put out the cigarette in the sand and walked to the stairs that led to the road lighter still in hand. As he walked he could hear his stomach rumbling so he decided to get something to eat. Pulling out his phone from his pocket he checked the time, it was 8:08am. “Breakfast! Yea boy!” He happily shouted as he hurried on in joy. There was a local diner that he always went for breakfast after a long night out, but this one was special because he partied until he was all lights out. He walked through the doors and headed to the bathrooms to relieve his almost exploding bladder. Closing the toilet door behind him he looked straight into the mirror in front of him and saw how he looked. Though the truth was written all over his face he brushed it off and headed to the stall.

After putting the toilet seat down and flushing the toilet he headed to the sinks. He washed his hands and splashed water on his face, dried up and then walked over to the mirror. Looking into the mirror now he took better look at himself. He was a young man of average height and built with light brown skin, black locks of hair, a full beard, beautiful teeth, small eyes, bushy eyebrows and eyelashes. He saw a mix of both his mother and father but his style of dress was definitely his father’s. He wore a grey sweater with a grey t-shirt underneath, a pair of black jeans and black and grey sneakers. “Not too bad for a rough night, not too bad at all. Even though the years keep rolling by I’m still not bald and old”. He smiled at himself and walked away from the mirror out the toilet and back into the diner.

As he walked back in this time he heard someone shout from the corner of the room. “HEY BRO!”, a man stood up and called out to him “Come and join us!”. He walked over not sure who it was but with a deep feeling of familiarity with the man. “Hey bro! Good to see you again after a few hours” the man said jokingly as he reached out his hand to greet him. They shook hands and exchanged greetings before the man turned to his friend and asked him, “Do you remember him?”. “Not quite but he looks familiar”, the other man replied “Do you remember us?” they asked. “Now that you ask I’ll honestly say I don’t quite remember much about last night. I’m still coming around on the details and events” he replied smiling. They all broke out into laughter as they somehow shared a joke unspoken but only known to them.

“Well, we met you at the bar last night and it was your birthday so we had some drinks with you and your friends and pretty much everyone else. Please tell me you at least recall that?” ,the man asked. “I remember drinking trust me that I’m very much aware of, it’s just who I drank with that I don’t quite recall”, he said laughing. They shared a laugh again before they beckoned him to sit down at their table. “I woke up at the beach this morning and just came to have breakfast now so you’re like the first people I have encountered since last night” he said. “We also just woke up and decided to come and have breakfast and boom! We are back at it again” he said as they chuckled. “Let me get the waitor so you can order something since it’s your birthday and please order anything you want it’s our treat”.

The waitor came over and they placed their orders before getting back to their conversation. “So what do you remember about last night?” they asked, “I remember drinking shots and dancing then everything just went blank and i woke up on the beach with an empty bottle of wine”. “That’s all?” they asked, “Pretty much all I can recall for now” he replied. “Well you didn’t do anything extreme but you downed a few beers, took shots, drank half a bottle of vodka that’s when you were running up and down the place. You kissed a few ladies and then you disappeared”. He held his head and they all just laughed at the whole story again. “I know there’s more stories I’m going to hear if this is the first account” he said shaking his head.

The waitor arrived with the beverages, placed them on the table an walked off to attend to other diners. They took their beverages sipped for a bit and then picked up their conversation again. “We really had a great time celebrating your birthday with you, it’s not everyday you meet friendly fun loving people like you and your friends you know” they said. “Well I really appreciate you taking time out to share the moment with me mot forgetting breakfast”, he replied. “Oh, don’t mention it we are new in town and you just showed us a great time so we’re just returning the favour with a meal” they added on. “Either way it’s much appreciated, sorry to ask but I totally forgot your names. Excuse my manners” he implied. “Damn bro you really were gone huh. Anyway I’m Dennis and this is Julian” he said as they shook hands again. “Nice to meet you again Dennis and Julian, I am Roman Sibdrino”…



Looking at the world today it’s hard to understand how we got to this point. For all the wrongs and lessons we learnt from the past, it’s somewhat disappointing to see where we stand. Everyday we turn on the television or log into social media platforms, we are constantly informed of new horrors our planet faces. War, fires, disease, global warming, kidnapping, murder, rape and a long list of hideous atrocities commited by humans. Why we choose to harm ourselves and everything else still baffles me to say the least. We went from being the guardians and nurturers of this beautiful planet to become the virus that’s destroying most of it.

Is it self hate? Is it misinformation? Is it lack of remorse? Is it ignorance? I think it’s all the above but most importantly it’s Power and Greed that have taken over our Compassion and Love for ourselves and nature. We can easily identify ourselves as nature and part of it but we have seemingly failed to apply this knowledge. We have chosen to do what makes us happy even at the expense of others and this has become a toxic trait throughout our existence. We have continously repeated the same toxic traits and hoped for different results yet we know very well that history repeats itself.

Our planet has lost alot and continues to do so under our “watchful” eye. Fires have destroyed trees, vegetation and animals important to our ecosystem to add on to the forests we have cleared and destroyed. Our Oceans are polluted with plastic and waste which is affecting marine life especially coral reefs. Our air is polluted with fumes, chemicals and gases we carelessly release into the environment. Our food is contaminated and tainted with chemicals and pesticides that cause disease and death. Our communities are marred with violence and crime of all sorts, perpetuated and ocherstrated by respected residents. Our countries are at war with each other causing poverty and breaking families apart.

The list is endless yet we continue to pile up more problems to it. We have become our greatest enemy and nature is starting to make us pay. What is even more alarming is how there are individuals who will still turn a blind eye and continue to live in bliss amongst all this chaos. How can we value or lifestyles and careers more than our home? What will everything we have attained in life amount to when our own existence is at the brink of extinction? What are we teaching the youth and most importantly leaving them with?

One thing I know for a fact is regardless of all this, WE can still turn this all around. Despite our flaws I personally believe that we have potential to do great things only if we collectively put our hearts and minds together. If we created this mess then we are well equipped to rectify but using better methods. If we could put our differences aside and work together the world would be a better place. All the knowledge and technology we have should be used for the bettering of our planet. Our leaders should engage in meaningful discussions that will help establish better relationships with other nations and help improve lives not destroy them.

Our communities should look out and after one another not abandon each other. Our technology should help us learn better ways to sustain our environment not deplete it. Our schools should be more informative on social and environmental issues and not just classify our intelligence. Our Religions must practice as they preach and not use it as a way to extort from the weak and needy. All this and more is possible and can be done just as long as we all learn to Care more about each other and everything around us.

We may be viewed as the dissidents of the world because of our different ideologies and narratives but we all share the same story. This is our home and it’s up to us to restore it to its full beauty…


SHE WAS THE MOON (Continued)

As the celebration continued into the night, the rain kept pouring and the fire continued to burn keeping the household warm. They were still chatting, laughing, drinking and dancing when Kamaria’s mother and aunt emerged from the room. There were further cheers and ululation from the party as the new mother walked towards them. She was greeted with hugs and congratulatory gestures. She smiled, laughed and even cried but most importantly she celebrated with everyone especially her husband. They had travelled this journey together to this point now they had a new journey to take on together again. Everyone was in high spirits and this filled the house with much warmth and comfort.

The adults interacted on one side of the house whilst baby Kamaria lay asleep on the other. In the silence and warmth of the room with occasional loud laughs and voices coming from the other room, was this beautiful brown skinned baby. Oblivious to much of her surroundings she slept but now it was different as she was now in the world. She could feel the different textures and vibrations, hear different sounds more clearly, she could breathe now, but most importantly she could see. Now asleep she had her first dream in this new world. Though she was quite puzzled about all this it still excited her the most to have this experience.

She dreamt of colourful objects shapes and things she had never seen before but even then it was all magical and magnificent to witness. She seemingly floated through the air as she went by seeing and feeling all these things. She was in her happiest place doing and going about as she wished. She then came across these two people she couldn’t recognise from afar but their voices and being was so familiar. She inquisitively floated over to have a better look at them. As she got closer to them she felt this strange but strong connection toward them. She floated around them taking in every bit of their appearance and they called out to her a word she thought sounded familiar. They repeatedly called out this word and each time they did she floated closer and closer to them. She could now see their faces mostly their glowing eyes and teeth because they smiled a lot.

She floated closer and closer until she could feel them then suddenly her eyes opened and those two people were there looking down at her. The sight of them both gave her a fright a feeling new to her. Instinctively she reacted by letting out a loud scream. Her screen stuttled her parents who picked her up and held her close in effort to calm her down. She cried for a little while then became quiet again. As her parents looked down at her small little face and big eyes she looked back at them too. Both parents and baby were amazed at what they were looking at. Her eyes rolled around as she took in all the colours she could see. Everything reminded her of the dream she had, they were all new but had a familiar feel to them.

Her mother rocked her in her arms gently and sang to her as her father looked on with much adoration. She was captivated by the vibrations and tone of her voice. Her father then joined in and she noticed the depth of his voice and warmth of his big strong body. The sound of their heart beats was soothing too and this made her so comfortable she went back to sleep. “She’s so peaceful”, her mother said. “Don’t be so sure just yet, this is still a free trial period” her father replied jokingly. They looked at each other lovingly and smiled. They looked at their baby girl with love and nothing else whilst the celebrations continued in the other room.

“This has been a good day and I want to thank you all for being present for my niece and her husband”. Aunty Rose as she was known was a big hearted woman with time and love for everyone. She was a sister to Kamaria’s mother and since her mother passed away she had been a mother to her. Grandma is the new title she had now and she took it with much gratitude and respect. She was so proud of her niece and all she had accomplished in all the years. The man she married was very humble and loving and he had been there for her whenever she needed help. He was respectful to his wife and her family as well as everyone else he knew.

Their friends had become God Mothers, God fathers, Uncles and Aunts. It was almost like graduation because everyone aquired a new title after this day. Kamaria’s birth was really like the bright moon on a dark night. She shone light on everyone’s life including herself. She became the moon and the moon shone through her…



He sat there for a short while and just took in deep breaths of air. After sometime he put his shoes back on and stood up. He walked toward the pond and he stared at the reflection of the sky on the surface of the water. How it all looked like a masterpiece of a painting really caught his attention now that he was looking at it. Everything was so beautiful and aesthetic. It was satisfying to the heart, mind and soul on so many levels. He turned his attention to his reflection on the water and stared at it long and hard. His focus was disturbed by a fish that surfaced for air making a splashing sound. A flock of birds flew past and landed near the trees. He walked over to have a better look at them.

They were eating fallen fruit and other small pieces of food they found on the ground. They all seemed to coexist with each other in a very organised manner. This made him think, What if nature was made so we could learn from it how to better ourselves, everyone and everything around us? What if all the answers to our questions and problems have been laying in front of us all this time and we just didn’t see or fully understand it? Even though these questions went through his mind the answers seemed to resonate from them. What if all the questions contained all the answers?

He started thinking about all the questions he needed answers for and asked himself these questions again in attempt to answer them himself. He found that he already knew the answers to most of his questions. The only true question was wheter his answers were true or not. He strolled around the garden looking at everything closely now and taking in everything he saw. “What a wonderful world we live in, what an amazing universe we exist in”, he said to himself. There was movement at the entrance of the garden and he quickly turned his attention to that direction. His heart started beating fast as he recognised the man who stood in the doorway. It was the same man who had chased after him all the way up the staircase.

He thought of taking off in the opposite direction but something in him told him to remain calm. Without much debate he stood there and awaited to confront the man. The man walked towards him the whole time trying to signal that he meant no harm. He still stood ready for a surprise attack if there was one planned. The man walked slowly as he approached him then he stopped and called out his name. “Jafari!“, he was shocked to hear that and just stood there puzzled. “Jafari! Do you not know your name anymore?”, he asked as he took a step further. He swallowed a lump and responded, “Yes it is, how do you know me?”.

“Do you not recognise me anymore boy? Am I that old now?” he responded with a smile on his face. “Uncle Bahati! Sorry I didn’t see you back there”. Jafari then walked over and the two men embraced and exchanged greetings. “Good to see you nephew”, he said. ” Good to see you too young man” Jafari responded jokingly. “I can see that age has taken its toll on you, judging by how long it took for you to make it up the stairs”, Jafari joked again. His uncle chuckled and then responded, “Don’t worry your time will come boy. Enjoy all the running jumping and climbing whilst you still can. I’ll be waiting for you with my cane”.

Uncle Bahati was Jafari’s father’s only brother and closest uncle he had. Jafari’s father had passed on some years back and he was now a young man who bore alot of resemblance to his father. It was no question whose child he was though his character and mannerism were mainly influenced by his mother. He was a tall brown skinned young man with soft feautures. His sister’s often joked about how pretty he looked for a man. But he would brush it off and shyly walk away. Uncle Bahati was a very gentle man and even though he bore a striking resemblance to Jafari’s father he was very youthful in his approach towards life. This is what enabled him to become very close to his nephew and establish a great relationship.

Jafari’s Mother was a beautiful brown skinned woman with high cheek bones, big brown eyes, elegantly arranged teeth and a smile that could melt your heart. She always believed in being compassionnate, caring, loving and respected everyone. His father had the same morals but he was more of a reserved person who just liked to mind his own business in most cases. The one thing his parents shared was their belief in raising children that would one day become well respected and appreciated individuals in society. This they believed would define them as parents and their ideology of good humanity…



The night was regarded as the coldest winter night, the breeze was icy, the rain felt colder than ever and the sky was cloudy with dark grey clouds. Most of the trees had shed their leaves and looked bare and lifeless. The grass too was all gone with small patches of dead grass remaining. All around everything looked dead and non existent except for the sound of some birds and domestic animals in the distant. Somewhere amidst all this natural chaos in the warmth and comfort of their home, a humble couple with the aid of an aunt, some close friends and neighbours welcomed a beautiful, bouncy, healthy and cheerful baby girl into the world.

The conditions outside were totally opposite to the atmosphere inside the home. There were smiles, tears of joy, laughter and just loads of love and gestures of it. As her father held her in his arms he smiled tears rolled down his cheeks with so much happiness in his heart. He kissed her and promised he would always be there for her, protect her and love her unconditionally. The whole room was filled with emotions and his wife began to cry too. He walked back with her and to her mother and they held their baby girl together, smiled at each other and shared a kiss. There was applause from everyone else in the room and songs of praise and gratitude to The Almighty broke out. They were grateful for the smooth birth and the new life it came with.

The aunt then took the baby so she could bathe her and dress her up. The men were told to leave so that the women could help the mother to wash and clean herself up. The men went to the living room and proceeded to cheer and celebrate as they enjoyed their beers. The women were congratulating each other and asking questions about birth and pregnancy. The baby was asleep and outside the rain came down pouring. Everyone seemed occupied or caught up in conversation as the fire in the fireplace burnt on and provided much warmth. When the women were done they joined the men except the mother who rested with her baby. The father then left the party and joined his wife and daughter and they all laid down as a family.

They were suddenly awoken by a scream which they registered to be from their little human who was now crying loudly. They went into panic mode for a moment before her mother picked her up and brought her to suckle her breast. Almost instinctively she felt her mothers nipple brush against her mouth she opened her mouth and started suckling. Both parents were relieved to hear her quiet and amazed at how she already knew how to suckle on a breast. They looked at each other and smiled with pride before they realised that they still hadn’t named her yet. The mother told the father he had the honour to name her. He looked outside the window and saw the dark cloudy sky and smiled. Turning back to his wife and daughter he paused briefly before going on to say. “On a dark, cold and wet night like this you were the light of the moment. With that my daughter I will name you Kamaria which means bright moon because you have become our moon”.

The mother smiled kissed her feeding baby and whispered to her, “Did you hear what your father said? He said your name is Kamaria because you’re like the moon. My beautiful Kamaria, my bright moon, my baby, my child”. She became very calm and seemed to drift off to sleep as her parents sat and watched her. There was a slight knock at the door and her father walked over to see who it was. It was his wife’s aunt who was holding a plate of food for the new mother to eat. He opened the door for her to enter before she told him his share was in the dining room. Without much hesitation he left the room and went to claim his plate. Everyone else was still there drinking, eating and pretty much celebrating. He got his plate and joined his guests who were all eager to know the child’s name.

He just smiled and laughed then took a few forks from his plate, sipped on his beer then addressed them all. Almost instantly everyone went quiet so he could speak. “As you all know we are gathered here today because of the birth of my first child, my daughter. I want to take this moment to thank you all for being here with me in this joyous moment and sharing my happiness. I appreciate you all for everything you have done for me and given but mostly for being reliable. My wife feels the same way too and so I extend her gratitude to you too. I had the honour and privilege given solely and entirely by my wife to name our daughter and so I did. Her name is Kamaria and she’ll be our bright moon through all the dark nights of our lives”…

There were smiles all around the room and then they all stood up, raised their glasses and bottles and made a toast to Kamaria and the future. Everyone then took turns to congratulate the new father again and wished him and his family much love, happiness and peace in their home. The father smiled and then went on to say, “I don’t know about peace because that’s already been put to the test with our new installment. We have a human alarm clock now, only problem is it goes off whenever it wants, we have to feed it, wash it, clothe it and carry it around”. The whole room broke out into laughter and they made a toast again. The fire was still burning on and the rain was still falling but more lightly now as you could see it through the window. Everything just seemed right in this moment and everyone was happy…


The Door At The Top Of The Stairs

Shirt and pants soaked and drenched in sweat as he climbed up the stairs toward the door. The light shining from the door at the top of the staircase was all he could see by now as the bottom or the staircase was now dark and gloomy. Every step made him question what lay beyond the door but at most he just wished there weren’t any more stairs to climb. His escape and ascent of the staircase had taken its toll on his entire body as he held onto the rails of the staircase on his way up. He felt like the fight in him was almost gone but he had to push on until he made it to the door and hopefully freedom.

As he approached the door he could see the sunlight shining through and hear the birds and other noises made by nature. The moment and the silence was so serene it gave him a boost of energy almost instantly. He let go off the wall and walked steadily up the last few steps before reaching out to the slightly open door. As he pulled the door open he was almost blinded by the bright sunlight and all his senses were filled with the sound of nature. This soothing sound and rhythm of life brought him a great sense of calm and direction in what seemed like a moment of darkness. He walked out the door into a garden with tall trees, green grass, flowers, a pond with fish, birds of different species and colours, sqirrels and different insects and bugs. All around was the feeling and sound of life and this brought his troubled heart and mind to rest.

He walked around the garden feeling and smelling everything as he went by. The different textures and scents they all bore brought him a feeling of youthful bliss and appreciation. Looking at everything again gave him a sense of euphoria and suddenly his mind was filled with so many questions. Who was he and why was he in this place? Why did he feel this way and what did it all mean? What are we born for and what are we living for if we all die in the end?….So many questions flooded his mind but instead of feeling puzzled and unsettled he was calm and collected. His change in attitude towards what he sought to find answers for had changed. He would usually go into a rage that ended in huge arguments, debates and unnecessary fights . This time around he was open and patient to find out the answers to his questions with time.

After walking past the trees and the flowers thoughts and questions still racing through his mind, he came across the pond. He could see the ducks and ducklings, geese and goslings paddling over the pond. It was neatly crafted with reeds, lillies and grassy banks. There were fish of different colours and breeds swimming around, surfacing for air and to feed on insects on the surface of the clear water. He looked around again and he saw a network of life that co-existed harmoniously and created the exact feeling to their environment. Everything around him was at peace with its role/purpose in life and by serving it fully they created a sense of peace around them. He suddenly felt the news to sit down on the grass and take in everything around him. He took off his shoes and felt the grass and earth below reenergise him like a phone on a charging port. He felt a small shock of electricity run from the toes and soles of his feet all through his body to his head. This gave him a great sensation and he laid down with his eyes closed, smiling looking up at the Sun.

The sun shone so bright the light passed through his eyelids and he could see the veins, arteries and capilaries. It was almost like an x-ray except for the red background which was his blood rushing through. The sight of all this kept his attention fixed and mind focused without him realising. After a while of remaining in the same position, he felt his mind start to drift again but this time back to the questions in his head. He looked at all of them and went over them over and over until he fell into a deep sleep. As he slept he dreamt of family, friends and relatives passed on and alive and they all seemed to provide him with answers to his different questions. Even though he was dreaming he was aware of everything happening around him as if he was awake in his dream. He spoke to each and everyone and asked whatever question he felt relevant to the person he was addressing. They all gave him answers before he was told it was time to leave and that his ride back awaited him. They gave him a bag with everything he would need for his journey and bade farewell to him as he walked out the door.

He turned around and waved at them and they did the same almost in silence but with smiles. He headed toward the gate to a vehicle parked outside waiting to take him on a journey. As he approached the car he could make out a male figure in the driver’s seat. Not sure who it was he still approached the car and upon opening the passenger door and peering in, he saw his father. Stunned he froze by the door before his father beckoned him to get in. He smiled at him with much love and pride and this warmed his heart and soul tremendously . “Well done my son, you have done it”, were his words as he held his shoulder. He felt a tear build up in both eyes but quickly sucked it up and Thanked his father. His father went on to start the car and drive down the road whic had surroundings that were not familiar to him. They spoke quite a lot along the way, shared some light moments and made emotional reconnections.

Suddenly the vehicle came to a stop and his father told him thay they had arrived. They both disembarked the vehicle and his father handed him his back pack. He took his back pack and secured it on his back before his father held his shoulder and said, “Son this part is where you find the truth in the answers you have been given. Find the truth and find yourself”. At this point he could not hold back the tears so he just let them flow and they came streaming down his cheeks. His father then embraced him and they both embraced each other tightly for a brief moment. “You are the one”, were his father’s last words before everything started to become hazy and he drifted back to consciousness.

He opened his eyes and the sharp and bright glare of the sun shot through his eyeballs it made him shield his eyes. He sat up and looked around, everything was still the same but he felt so well rested like he had been laying there for days maybe even weeks. It was like waking up from a coma but having not changed or forgotten anything. He felt refreshed and somehow at peace with things that happened to him in the past that he had previously had problems with. Now he just didn’t feel the need to carry so much weight and pain in his heart and mind. He wanted to be free and for everything around him too…


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